The Betty Dress (V8789)

Soooo, this was the fabric that yelled „I WANNA BE A V8789“ at me all across the Neukölln fabric market.

Vogue Vintage 8789 - fabric

Vogue Vintage 8789 – fabric

Vogue Vintage 8789 - first draping

Vogue Vintage 8789 – first draping

But, as I mentioned in The Betty/Don-Dress, I was a bit cowed by the task of making the stripes match in the front O.O

So I didn’t cut the pieces out of double layers of fabric, but I cut each piece from one single layer.
And it worked!

Vogue Vintage 8789 - bodice

Vogue Vintage 8789 – bodice


Look at that!

This is quite possibly the most perfect seam in the history of sewing!

For the dress I again chose box pleats, which was a bit difficult here, since I wanted to match the stripes in the fabric.
In the end, I had two stripes „laying on top“ and six stripes folded away behind. There is quite a lot of overlap behind the scenes 🙂


In the next days I’ll go to the Nadelwald to get Swantje to help me with marking the hem.


Vogue Vintage 8789 - the finished dress

Vogue Vintage 8789 – the finished dress

And I already have to pieces cut out for a third version of this dress, this time in more playful floral stripes 🙂


Pattern: Vogue Vintage 8789

Mods: no waist-stay, box pleats instead of gathers for the skirt, bust darts slightly more gentle

Specials: finished edges by binding in bias tape, handpicked zipper

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